Meet the Head Imam of the Islamic Centre Ireland

Shaykh Dr. Umar Al-Qadri


Shaykh Dr. Umar Al-Qadri is the Ameer/ Head-Imam of Al-Mustafa Islamic Educational & Cultural Centre Ireland.

The Shaykh was born in a scholarly family. His father is famous scholar Shaykh Mehr Ali Qadri. Shaykh Umar Al-Qadri was brought up in the Netherlands where finished his secondary school. He then travelled to Pakistan for traditional Islamic education along with Secular education. He completed his Masters (Shahadah Al-Alamiyyah) in Islamic Sciences  from Jamia Islamia Minhaj-ul-Quran.

The Shaykh is a gifted and prolific speaker and his lectures are shown globally from many Global satellite channels including ARY QTV. Shaykh Umar Al-Qadri also lectures regularly in various Irish mosques, muslim community centres ,colleges and universities including the Irish School of Ecumenics about Islam and contemporary issues.` The Shaykh is fluent in English, Dutch, Urdu and Arabic.

The Shaykh has lead the Muslim Community in Dublin since 2004 during which hundreds  of Irish brothers and sisters accepted Islam on his hands.

Shaykh Al-Qadri is the Founding Chair of Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council , an NGO promoting Peace and Integration in Ireland.

The Shaykh is also the Founding Member of Irish Council of Imams.

The Shaykh can be contacted for Islamic verdicts either by phone or by emailing him at :