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Islamic Centre hosts two Egyptian Imams during Ramadan 2022

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During the Holy Month of Ramadan this year once again, after two years pandemic restrictions, the Ministry of Awqaf in Egypt with the support of the Egyptian Embassy in Dublin and the Irish Embassy in Cairo, facilitated two Imams to spend Ramadan in the Islamic Centre of Ireland. 

The Islamic Centre of Ireland management and the whole Muslim community in Dublin is thankful to the Ministry of Awqaf in Egypt to accept their request for Imams in Ramadan so that the Muslim community in Dublin can enjoy the Qur’anic recitation and receive  Islamic guidance by the Egyptian Imams. 

Both the Imams, Shaykh Ahmed Makki and Shaykh Dr Khaled Sarhan, are graduates of the most prestigious Islamic seat of learning, Jamia Al-Azhar Al-Sharif University.

Shaykh Ahmed Makki is the Chief Imam of one of Cairo’s largest Mosques, the Syedna Imam Hussain Mosque.  Shaykh Dr Khaled Sarhan is working at the Ministry of Awqaf as an Islamic scholar and interpreter. 

Shaykh Dr. Umar Al-Qadri, Chief Imam at Islamic Centre Ireland, and the team of the Islamic Centre Ireland warmly received the Imams and hosted them for the whole month. The Muslim community has tremendously benefited from the presence of the Imams and enjoyed their beautiful and unique recitation of the Holy Quran during the Holy Month. 

Shaykh Dr. Umar Al-Qadri especially thanked H.E. Ambassador Khaled Sarwat for his support in organising the trip of the two Imams from Egypt and hoped that in the future not only the Islamic Centre of Ireland but other affiliated Islamic Centres in Ireland will be able to host Imams from Egypt. The presence of such Imams that are trained in Al-Azhar University ensures that authentic teachings of Islam are promoted. This is the most effective remedy to combat Islamophobia in this day and age.

The Egyptian Imams also participated in Community Iftar dinners and interfaith engagements that promote Peace and Unity among all communities. Irish Parliamentarians, policy makers, faith leaders and many other non-Muslim guests attended the Annual Community Iftar.

Building bridges is an essential part of the work of the Imams. The Jamia Al-Azhar Al-Sharif (University) produces scholars that promote the authentic teaching of Islam which promotes religious pluralism. 

Shaykh Ahmed Makki returned to Cairo a day before the day of Eid but Shaykh Khaled Sarhan remained in Ireland to lead one of the Eid prayers.



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Eid Ul Fitr will be on Monday 2 May 2022 in Ireland 🇮🇪 💫

We would like to wish the Ummah Eid Mubarak.

We will be holding EID UL FITR Prayers in the Masjid. 🕌

There will be THREE EID PRAYERS held in the Islamic Centre.

First Eid prayer @08:00AM
Led by Shaykh Anwar Shah

Second Eid Prayer @ 09:00AM
Led by Shaykh Dr Khaled Sarhan

Third Eid Prayer @10:00am
Led by Shaykh Dr Umar Al-Qadri

*Important Instructions *

– Pls bring your Fitrana & Masjid donations in Cash
-ZAKAT UL FITR is 9 Euro per person

*Notes: *

* All Eid prayers will be broadcasted live on our YouTube Channel.

* There will be Bouncing Castle 🏰 and Popcorn 🍿 and Candy 🍭 floss stalls for children.

* Goodie bags for children also for free

* Sisters also welcome as they have their own dedicated prayer Hall

We wish you and your family 💚Eid Mubarak💚 and pray that Almighty Allah accepts our Fasting and other Ibadah of the Blessed Month of Ramadan, Ameen.

Al-Mustafa Islamic Centre Ireland
(01) 961 6211

For more info call 0899413970 or 0876764122


As the blessed month of Ramadan draws to a close, Islamic Centre Ireland we would like to thank you for your generosity and constant support.

Community Iftar 2022 Report

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The Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council (IMPIC) hosted their annual Community Iftar on 22/04/2022 in the Islamic Centre Ireland, a chance for politicians, third-sector volunteers and the wider community to join the Muslim community for this important Ramadan tradition of breaking the fast as a community.

The event was well attended, with many opposition politicians, people from the third-sector and public services and friends of the Irish Muslim community from all walks of life in attendance.

Shaykh Ahmad Makki began the gathering by welcoming the guests and reciting from the Noble Qur’an, with Shaykh Khaled Sarhan then reading the translation of the verses recited for the benefit of the non-Arabic speakers in attendance.

Shaykh Dr. Umar Al-Qadri (Chairperson, IMPIC) addresses the gathering by welcoming and thanking those in attendance, and delivering a brief presentation on the importance of Ramadan to Muslims here in Ireland and around the world. He said that Ramadan was a voluntarily enforced disruption of a normal routines of consumption and daily life, and – much like the COVID-19 Pandemic – it gave us a chance to take stock of that which really matters in life: community, family, and finding hope in sharing our common humanity over materalism.

Yusuf Murray, Head of Communications MPIC, also thanked the guests for their attendance, and noted that IMPIC was unique in combining high-level policy advocacy with grassroots community events like the daily and weekly prayers and events such as these, providing a unique line from theory to practice that provided the Council with a unique insight and effectiveness.

Local TD Paul Donnelly (Sinn Féin) said it was an honour to attend the first Iftar of his life, and that he hoped to return every year. Senator Marie Sherlock (Labour) remarked it was to the credit of the Irish Muslim community and the Irish nation that we were able to cherish and celebrate our diversity together. Reverend Karen Sethuraman (Baptist Church) travelled all the way from Belfast with her husband to join the congregation, and thanking IMPIC for the invitation, invited those present to join forces in building an “Ireland of neighbours,” loving one another in accordance with the “golden rule” found in all faith traditions.

Also amongst the 300 plus guests and worshippers in attendance were Katie Harrington (Labour), Garda Hayden McGurk (Blanchardstown Gardaí), Shane Waters (Ógra Shinn Féin), Daithí Mac an Bhaird (GCCD), James Kearney (Labour Youth), Andrew O’ Brien (Mayday Badge Appeal) and Brian Coonan.

The IMPIC team would like to thank all of our guests once again, and remind them that our doors are always open for all communities as we seek to build a better society in our shared humanity.


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