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December Holidays Activities in Islamic Centre Ireland

Posted on: December 16th, 2023 by shaykh No Comments

We hope this message finds you well. We have some exciting activities lined up for the upcoming December holidays, aimed at promoting religious, spiritual, and social empowerment. Please take note of the schedule below:

📅 Saturday, December 23 – Visit to one of the world’s most prominent Islamic manuscripts collection; Chester Beatty Library 📚.
We will be gathering in front of the Chester Beatty Library at 1 PM. Alternatively, you can join us at sharp 11:30 AM in the Islamic Centre to travel together using public transport.

📅 *Sunday, December 24 *– Join us for a Self Defence class in the Islamic Centre from 2 PM to 3:30 PM. Following that, we will have a thought-provoking lecture on how to make 2024 a productive year from an Islamic perspective.

📅 Monday, December 25, 2023 – Starting at 4:15 PM (Maghrib time), we will have a captivating lecture on Prophet Jesus in the Quran versus Prophet Jesus in the Bible. This will be an inspiring lecture giving strength to our beliefs but also giving us confidence about our belief regarding Prophet Isaa a.s.

Following the lecture, there will be a delightful dinner at 6:30 PM. We encourage everyone to bring food from home to share with others. Prepare a dish to share together.

Please register here to participate in the activities:

Let’s make this holiday season a time of enrichment and growth in Sha Allah !

We look forward to seeing you there!

Best regards,
Sister Hafia (Events coordinator)

Islamic Centre launches Fatwa against Female Genital Mutilation

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In a brave and timely move, the Islamic Centre of Ireland last night issued a fatwa declaring all forms of FGM as un-Islamic and sinful. Shaykh Dr Umar al-Qadri authored the fatwa, calling for Muslims to speak against the precise, stop it if they are aware of its occurrence, and report any knowledge of it to the authorities. The fatwa was issued in response to irresponsible and unfactual comments by Dr Ali Selim on RTÈ’s Primetime show, where he appeared to defend the practice. After a period of confusion and intense discussion on social media, the Islamic Centre of Ireland’s initiative and fatwa goes a long way to reclaim the voice of mainstream Islam from such divisive voices.



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8th Annual Mawlid Event; Do You Know the Prophet Muhammad ?

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We are pleased to announce the event “Do You know the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ‎?” in which learned Muslim scholars will bring you to an amazing journey throughout the Life & the Legacy of the Final Messenger.

Shaykh Dr. Muhammad Umar Al-Qadri will deliver the keynote speech in which he will highlight the aspects of the Life of the Final Messenger ﷺ‎ that will make every listener believe that yes the Final Messenger was indeed Muhammad ﷺ‎. Muhammad, The Most Praised!
Shaykh Ihab Ahmed from Cork will also deliver a speech and lead the beautiful Salwaat. Shaykh Shaheed will mention the importance of Salwaat and Sidi Abdul Qadri will also praise the Beloved Messenger ﷺ‎.
Selected Students of Al-Mustafa Islamic School will also deliver short speeches insha Allah.

The event will conclude with Duaa and Dinner.

All Brothers and Sisters of all faiths are Welcome.