Chief Imam of Islamic Centre of Ireland Condemns Violence Against Pakistani Christian Community

August 18, 2023


Dublin, Ireland – Today, the Chief Imam of the Islamic Centre of Ireland issued a heartfelt Jummah Khutbah denouncing the recent acts of violence and attacks against the Christian community in Jaranwala, Pakistan. The Chief Imam expressed deep sorrow and outrage over these reprehensible incidents and reiterated that such actions have no place in the teachings of Islam.

In the Jummah Khutbah, the Chief Imam emphasised the core principles of Islam, which include compassion, mercy, and respect for all human beings. He highlighted the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that underscore the sanctity of human life and the imperative of peaceful coexistence among people of diverse faiths. The attacks on the Christian community in Jaranwala were unequivocally condemned as a violation of these fundamental principles and a distortion of the true message of Islam.

Furthermore, the Chief Imam extended unwavering solidarity to the Christian brothers and sisters who have endured these acts of violence. He asserted that their pain resonates deeply within the hearts of all true believers and underscores the importance of standing united against extremism and violence, irrespective of religious backgrounds. The Chief Imam envisioned a society that upholds the values of tolerance, harmony, and respect, calling upon both Muslims and Christians to work together towards this shared goal.

Addressing the perpetrators of these heinous acts, the Chief Imam categorically stated that their actions not only contradict the teachings of Islam but also cast a negative shadow on Pakistan’s reputation. He reminded them that true Islam condemns such extremism and urges all citizens to reject any form of violence and work towards a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan where every individual, regardless of religious beliefs, can live without fear.

The Chief Imam underscored the strength that lies in unity and calls for Muslims and Christians to come together to rebuild trust, foster understanding, and create a future where all Pakistanis can coexist in an atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation. He believes that through this collective effort, the darkness of hatred and intolerance can be overcome, paving the way for compassion and harmony to prevail.