Election of ADVISORY COUNCIL (Majlis Shura) of Al-Mustafa IECC

January 13, 2014


On the 28th May the Election of the Majlis Shura took place in Al-Mustafa IECC. The Majlis Shuraa will assist the Ameer of Al-Mustafa IECC, Shaykh Umar Al-Qadri, in running the affairs of Al-Mustafa IECC.

The following brothers and sisters are members of the Majlis Shura and their responsibilities are also mentioned:

  1. Br Abdul Wasiu Are (Secretary)
  2. Promote peace, harmony, integration and tolerance
  3. Br Abdul Quadri Lawal (Assistant Secretary )
  4. Br Sohail Ahmad (Finance Secretary)
  5. Br Ishaq Ghaniyu (Assistant Finance Secretary)
  6. Sister Hafswah Omar (Admin / Events Organisor )
  7. Br Ade Bahdmus (Assistant Events Organiser )
  8. Sister Bashirat Olaogun (Secretary of Al-Mustafa Sisters Group)
  9. Sister Umm Ahmad (Assistant Secretary of Al-Mustafa Sisters Group)
  10. Sister Tawakalit Bello (Maintenance Secretary)
  11. Br Nasir Nawab (Senior Advisory Council Member & Treasurer )
  12. Br Rufi Ahmad (Member)
  13. Br Dr. Siraj Salawu (Member)