Imam responds to Paris Attack in detail during Friday Sermon & Irish Media coverage of the sermon

January 10, 2015


On Friday  9th January 2015 the Imam of Al-Mustafa IECCI dedicated the Friday sermon to respond in detail to the attack in Paris and to advice the Muslim community.

In the Sermon Shaykh Muhammad Umar Al-Qadri discussed the following issues:

1. Attack in Paris is part of a chain of events and not isolated. The recent attacks on a School in Peshawar and killing of innocents in Iraq, Syria and Nigeria by IS, Taliban and Boku Haram are part of the same chain.

2. Muslims are mostly affected by terrorist attacks as most victims are in Muslim countries.

3. Islam is given a bad name by these extremists who claim to act in the name of Islam. Islam is a religion which teaches to respond with kindness and forgiveness to insults and not with violence.

4. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) also faced insults and name calling by the Meccans. This lead him to migrate to the city of Madinah. And yet when he returned during the conquest of Makkah after a few years, He did not respond with violence and neither take any revenge. On that day he forgave all that had hurt him and his followers.

5. There is indeed an issue of extremism among Muslims. We should not deny or ignore this. The Prophet Muhammad  (Peace be upon Him) had foretold us about the Khawaarij. He warned us of extremism and described in detail the signs of the Khawaarij. He warned us not to join them instead we must fight against the Khawaarij (terrorists).

6. Freedom of Expression and Speech is a right that was introduced in the Arab society by the Prophet Muhammad  (Peace be upon Him) himself. However freedom of speech is not an absolute right. This is why even in Western countries there are also limits to what you can express and what not. The Shaykh gave many examples of France that highlight how freedom of expression is indeed limited despite the claims of some.

7. Blasphemy. The Shaykh explained in detail about the ruling of Blasphemy in Islam.

8. The Shaykh concluded with prayer for all victims of terrorism


Friday Speech online on Youtube