Islamic Centre of Ireland supports Islamic Foundation of Ireland’s application for Patronage of secondary school

September 14, 2019

The Department of Education and Skills has announced plans for the establishment of six post-primary (secondary) schools to open in September 2020 and has invited patron bodies to apply for patronage of these schools.

The Islamic Foundation on Ireland (IFI) as a recognised patron body has applied for the patronage of the planned school for Blanchardstown West and Blanchardstown Village, Dublin 15 (See map below of catchment area of the school.)

The Islamic Centre of Ireland supports the IFI’s application for Patronage of secondary school in Dublin 15.

The school is to cater for children living within the school area who are due to commence their post-primary education from 2020 onwards.

Parental preference is central to the process of choosing the patron body. An online Patronage Process system has been developed by the Dept. of Education to provide information to all parents. Parental preference (of the patron body) will be submitted by parents online.

Proposed school info:

Size: (pupils): 800.
Ethos: Islamic (if successful)
Type: co-educational

If you support creation of the first secondary school with Muslim ethos for your children, please ensure that you make the Islamic Foundation of Ireland your choice for the patron body of the school. 

In order to vote, visit (the voting will remain open until October 4th 2019)

Alternatively, for more information and keep updated on the process, please email us.