Multi Faith Peace Prayer for Palestine in the Lantern Centre

August 10, 2014
On Friday 9th of August representatives of different faiths came together in the Lantern Centre to pray for Peace in Palestine.
Shaykh Dr. Umar Al-Qadri, representing Islamic faith, addressing the participants thanked the organisers from UPF & Lantern Centre and the participants for attending the important peace Prayer.
Shaykh Umar said that justice is an essential element to secure Peace and the people of Palestine are waiting for Justice for the past 60 years. Shaykh Umar prayed that people of Palestine are given Justice. Their homes have been invaded. They are living in the world’s largest prison. They are victim of war crimes and ethnic cleansing.  We pray to Almighty Allah that He gives the people of Palestine justice. We pray to Almighty Allah that he changes enmity into brotherhood. We Pray to Almighty Allah that he lets everyone live in Peace.
Shaykh also highlighted that all religion aim to bring Peace on a personal and collective level in the society and hence the joining of different faith leaders together to support Peace is in fact a service to each individual religion.
Leaders from the Catholic church, Church of Ireland and Sikh faith also prayed for Peace in Palestine. After the Peace prayers the religious leaders all lit a candle of Peace.
The event was concluded with refreshments.