Statement; New Zealand Terror Attacks

March 15, 2019

Our thoughts and prayers are with the 49 people who have been killed, and dozens more who have been injured, after a gunman opened fire at Mosques in New Zealand during the Friday prayers.

The gunman, like all other terrorists, aimed to spread hatred and fear. Innocent people have been killed in cold blood, but we will not let these terrorists and Islamophobes succeed. We must all stand together against all forms of extremism with unity.

As Muslims, we are deeply concerned and anxious about growing levels of Islamophobia across the World. The threat of the far-right extremists is real, and we must realise the threat that they pose to our societies. Hatred of any community creates a downward spiral of violence and terror, which affects all in a society.

We urge Muslims to remain calm and extra vigilant in this distressing time. IMPIC will continue to work with authorities to protect all of our communities against the growing threat posed by all extremists.

Mosques in Ireland will hold special services during Friday prayers in memory of those affected by the terrorist shooting in New Zealand. We will be praying for the grieving families and for Peace and Compassion in our increasingly poralised world.

I welcome the statements and messages of condemnation of these terrorist attacks and underlying messages of Unity and Solidarity with the Muslim communities from political, faith and civic leadership in Ireland.

We also urge the social media companies around the world to play their important role by clamping down on extremism and hate narratives which are spread through their platforms.


Shaykh Dr. Umar Al-Qadri,

Chair Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council

Head Imam Islamic Centre of Ireland



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