Statement of the Imam on the Anti-Islam Movie & Protests

January 13, 2014


The making of profane and blasphemous film is not only a step aimed at hurting the emotions of 1.5 billion Muslims in the world but also a heinous conspiracy to damage the global peace and harmony.

International law forbids the making of such profane and provocative film. This matter is not one of freedom of speech but of respect for religions. Laws ensuring respect for religions do exist in the Western world. If denial of Holocaust is a punishable crime, how come that injuring the feelings and sentiments of 1.5 billion strong community can be condoned by invoking right to freedom of expression?

On the 18th of September, a French Court punished the photographers for breeching right to privacy in case of British Princess Kate Middleton, why are the institutions and the world community keeping mum on the blasphemy of the Prophet Muhammad?

This display of double standards and policies of double speak could jeopardize the world peace and be instrumental in swell the ranks of extremists.

Constitutions and laws of the entire world do not allow anyone to commit contempt of court. Nor can anyone show any disrespect towards any nations Parliament.

Defamation of religions and holy personages has also been prohibited by a number of countries of the world including Austria, England, Germany, the Netherland, Spain, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand.

Such sacrilegious films are pushing the peaceful and civilized world towards radicalism. Such acts would constitute terrifying examples for our posterity.

We demand that all those involved in the project including promoters, distributors, and supporters of the movie should be brought to justice on charge of inciting hatred, terrorism and for hurting the sentiments of the Muslims around the world.

Unless effective legislation is carried out to check such heinous acts and basic principles are redefined, terrorism will not be eliminated and the dream of durable peace will not be realized.

At the same time we strongly condemn the violence and the killing of innocents during the protests around the World. While it is a democratic right to protest, Muslims must ensure that the protest are peaceful as prescribed by the teachings of Islam.

Sheikh Dr. Umar Al-Qadri
Islamic Theologian